Frequently Asked Questions

Here below are the most common questions, however should you wish to find out more or ask specific questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free for orders over €100. For any orders below €100 there is a shipping fee of €15.

I sent payment with Western Union money transfer.Is my order shipped yet?

Orders paid with Western Union are usually shipped within one business day. Western union payments are usually received within 1-3 business days. NOTE: You must provide us western union transfer information as described in CompleteTransaction , else we can’t pick up the money and send products.

I received a part of my order, when is the rest coming?

Larger orders are split into two or several envelopes and shipped separately. Some orders are also sent separately since they are shipped from varius European countries. Sometimes it can take more than 7 days

I haven't received my order and it's been more than 21 days since I ordered.

If it’s been more than 30 business days your order could be seized by customs. In that case you will receive a customs letter. Please contact us about this.

Do you sell any other products not listed on your website?

We only sell products listed on our website.

Please provide me with a medical opinion related to taking steroids.

We are not qualified to give such opinion, please consult a certified physician.

Can I cancel and get a refund for my order?

No. All paid orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Are your products inspected by customs ? What is your success rate?

They are not inspected, but we cannot guarantee that. We use very discreet packaging and we are sending them through normal post, without payment information. That is the reason we cannot send packages using insurance or providing you, with tracking numbers. Currently, we have success rate of over 95%.

Can I get a prescription from your shop?


Is it legal to buy these products?

Law differs from country to country. We recommend you to contact your local authorities or customs office regarding the regulations and restrictions of your country.

Are you legitimate?

We are a legitimate company and have been trading online for over 3 years now.

Are your products fake?

All our products are tested and certified.